Secondary Education

Program Purpose

Today's Topic: Schools and Academics Ages 13-21

Provide a quality educational service, including special education and supported employment/vocational education for adolescents, ages 13-21, who have emotional and behavioral problems with interfere with concentration and ability to learn and who are not succeeding in traditional schools.

Educational services are provided within a therapeutic environment directed toward assisting the student in his/her effort to use acceptable classroom behaviors, adopt more appropriate methods of coping and improved academic skills. Alternative education is offered to non-special education students who need a more structured small class setting.

Population Overview

  • Maximum of 10 students per classroom
  • One Teacher to one Teaching Assistant per classroom
  • Intellectually disabled
  • Physically and sexually abused youth
  • Speech problems and learning disabled
  • Learning disorder
  • Behaviorally disordered
  • Emotionally disordered

Services Included in Daily Rates

  • Individualized education plan for each student
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • High School diploma program
  • Computer Literacy Training
  • Work Study
  • Career Development
  • Transition Program
  • Physical Education
  • Structured Behavior Management System