After School Program

Program Purpose


East Ends After School Program serves seriously emotionally distressed children and adolescents who are expressing physical, behavioral and/or social limitations. The Therapeutic After School Program focuses on fostering appropriate social interactions, providing structure and support for dealing with negative behaviors, monitoring medications and general health when needed, and developing good leisure skills.


Population Overview

  • Maximum 25 students
  • Boys and girls, ages 6-14
  • Youth having received a comprehensive educational and/or IEP designating them to be a Serious Emotional Disabled student
  • Youth at risk of negative behaviors, during unstructured or unsupervised times
  • Youth in transition from Juvenile Justice setting, or more restrictive environment
  • Youth having a defined serious mental health problem that can be diagnosed under DSM-IV
  • Youth having problems in personality development and/or social functioning that have been exhibited over a period of 1 year
  • Youth having problems that are significantly disabling as compared to the behaviors of other children of the same age or that have become more disabling over time
    Youth needing services that require significant interventions by more than one agency

Services Included in Daily Rate

  • Crisis intervention
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Behavior management plan
  • Tutoring/educational assistance
  • Socialization/skills building group
  • Snack and dinner
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Mentorship